Tobacco, alcohol, and drug use is a national dilemma, with an estimated 23.9 million Americans age 12 and older having used an illicit drug or misused a prescription drug. Illinois deaths attributed to opioid use has increased 44.3% since 2013.  Programs delivered through Illinois 4-H are empowering youth to make wise decisions when confronted with risky behaviors such as substance abuse.

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This health & wellness program utilizes children’s literature and hands-on activities to introduce youth to basic concepts in mindfulness… Learn More
Support youth building skills to make informed healthy living choices and understand the influences and health consequences of tobacco, drug, and… Learn More
Food and Nutrition
Learn about nutrition and healthy eating while developing basic food preparation skills through preparation of healthy snacks and simple meals. Learn More
Health and Fitness
Create safe, affirming and fair environments where youth can improve their social and emotional learning, build positive relationships, and reduce… Learn More
Health and Fitness
Teach kids to make healthy choices, learn about body systems, explore health professions, keep their bodies healthy, and increase their daily… Learn More
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Understand what mental health means and its impact on those around us. Learn about different mental health disorders and identify strategies for self… Learn More
Food and Nutrition
Learn food safety, food preparation, nutrition, and kitchen safety. Then participate in a culminating team food challenge event where youth plan,… Learn More