Learn food safety, food preparation, nutrition, and kitchen safety. Then participate in a culminating team food challenge event where youth plan, prepare, and present a dish.

For Teachers

Collaborating with Illinois 4-H is an extraordinary partnership that seamlessly weaves together experiential learning, positive youth development, and research-based programming. This partnership introduces you to a realm where learning standards spring to life, and students are equipped with skills that extend far beyond the classroom.  Our programs provide the resources to cultivate an environment where students flourish. For in-depth program details and training inquiries, we're here to assist you.

Key Concepts

  • Food Advocacy
  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Healthy Living

For Youth Grades Middle and High School

Youth will:

  • Exhibit their knowledge and skills when preparing and presenting a dish
  • Learn from other team members
  • Demonstrate teamwork while planning, preparing, and presenting their dish
  • Practice public speaking when presenting their topic to judges
  • Practice leadership within their group
  • Participate in a new and exciting competitive event
  • Practice proper food safety techniques and handling
  • Youth will practice in teams to plan, prepare and present a dish with predetermined ingredients within 40 minutes in one of four categories – main dish, fruits and vegetables, breads and cereal, and nutritious snacks. 
  • Youth will participate in 6 to 8 practice sessions, using different ingredients for each session. 
  • Teams of youth will participate in the Illinois 4-H Food Challenge, create a dish using a predetermined set of ingredients, and present to judges.

Local high school family and consumer science teachers and students

Local volunteers with expertise in nutrition and food preparation, such as dieticians, dietetic students, chefs, or 4-H food judges