The Get Experience in Mindfulness (GEM) Program is an awareness and acceptance mindfulness-based stress management program.  The GEM program lessons follow an interactive model that involves direct participation, reflection, and application of mindfulness-based stress management skills.  The activities within each lesson follow a specific theme to emphasize the various concepts involved in mindfulness. 

For Teachers


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Key Concepts

  • Communication
  • Healthy Living
  • Personal Development

For Youth Grades Youth ages 10 and up

Key Objectives:

This mindfulness and healthy living program is designed to:


  • Integrate mind and body awareness
  • Increase focus and attention
  • Improve stress management skills
  • Improve self-monitoring and social behavior
  • Develop goal setting and skills in 7 areas of wellness that include:
    • Social, spiritual, emotional, professional/educational, intellectual, physical, and environmental


Lesson Topics:

  1. Intentions and Goal Setting - Understand what mindfulness means and how it relates to health and well-being as a tool for stress management.
  2. Awareness and Attention - How to use mindfulness to focus attention and be aware in the present moment.
  3. Self-Care: Stress Reduction and Relaxation – How to use mindfulness to manage the body and mind.
  4. Communication and Relationship – Mindfully listen and communicate thoughts and feelings.
  5. Gratitude and Acceptance – How to practice gratitude and acceptance and how it relates to being mindful.

 The curriculum can be implemented in various program settings, such as after-school programs, clubs, camps, and community sites.  It includes five lessons:  goal setting and intentions, awareness and attention, self-care through stress reduction and relaxation, communication and relationships, and gratitude and acceptance.  The lessons, as written, are usually 45 minutes to an hour.   Each lesson builds off the previous one, making the complete series the most effective form of learning.