Illinois 4-H prepares youth to solve Illinois' problems by producing the leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, stewards, and builders we need through our projects, programs, and virtual activities.

4-H builds good leaders by giving them safe environments to practice all the skills needed to be successful leaders. Illinois 4-H knows that our very lives are inseparable from the health of our planet and work daily to save the world for this and future generations.


What's a Project?

In 4-H, members learn about topics that interest them. These are referred to as members “projects.” That could be anything from learning how to cook, build a robot, or care for the environment. One of the most important aspects of 4-H project work is that the 4-H member decides what they want to learn and do as they explore their project. This allows the project to be self-paced, and gives children important skills in setting and working toward their goals.

woman and girl working in garden in early spring

What's a Program?

Programs are staff-led 4-H experiences that take place at a partner site location and are conducted as group experiences.  If you would like to request that 4-H help deliver a program to your audience of youth (classroom setting, after-school program, community center, etc.) Click "request a program" below!

boy and grandmother playing soccer in backyard

Can I Participate at Home?

You can do fun and creative 4-H activities wherever you are. Try some of these at home or grab a friend and learn together. 4-H is everywhere you are and you can start exploring right now!

In 4-H, you get to be you! We welcome everyone from all backgrounds, with all interests, wherever you live. We'll help you learn more about the things you like to do. We'll provide opportunities for you to meet mentors and kids who share your interests. Travel to exciting new places. Check out careers. Explore the world around you while you build up the community where you live. All that and more awaits you in Illinois 4-H.