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Our 4-H Impact


Young people need more access tonature for better psychological functioning and better physical health.


4-H camping takes place around the state. 4-H Memorial Camp accommodates the largest group of campers with 8,500 visitors over 190 days of use in a typical year.


4-H youth report a greater sense of personal responsibility for the environment because of their camping experiences. 4-H teens serving as counselors express growth in the life skills of patience, teamwork, cooperation, leadership, decision-making, work ethics, teaching, responsibility, and empathy.  Family camp lets families make camp memories together.

“Having fun with other people is better than having fun on your phone!”

-Family Camp Youth Participant

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Positive Impacts of Camping Experiences

Explore activities not available in their community
Make lifelong friendships
Step outside their comfort zone to try new things
Work as a team for a common goal
Gain outdoor skills
Unplug from technology
Gain independence
Practice environmental stewardship
Explore careers related to nature
Live and play cooperatively with people different from them

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