4-H Cooking 101 is an introductory cooking program for youth to learn about nutrition, food preparation skills, and food safety by preparing simple recipes.    

For Teachers

Collaborating with Illinois 4-H is an extraordinary partnership that seamlessly weaves together experiential learning, positive youth development, and research-based programming. This partnership introduces you to a realm where learning standards spring to life, and students are equipped with skills that extend far beyond the classroom.  Our programs provide the resources to cultivate an environment where students flourish. For in-depth program details and training inquiries, we're here to assist you.

Key Concepts

  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Healthy Living
  • Leadership
  • Local Foods

For Youth Grades K-5

The overall objectives for 4-H Cooking 101 include

  • Learn about nutrition using MyPlate
  • Food Preparation Skills
  • Food Safety
  • Kitchen Safety

Topics Include:

  • Kitchen Basics:  What Do You Know?
  • Explore MyPlate
  • Food Safety Basics
  • Kitchen Safety Basics
  • Mealtime Basics
  • Measuring Basics
  • Cooking “How to” Basics

An overview of the curriculum is available in this webinar



If Teen Teachers are utilized to assist with program delivery, they will be required to receive 10 hours of training in positive youth development, experiential learning, ages and stages, and group management, as well as content-specific training in nutrition, food safety, and food preparation.

The program includes at least 6 hours of content for participants.

Extension Food and Nutrition Educators

Community youth-serving agencies, such as places of worship, Boys & Girls Clubs, libraries, parks and recreation programs