Registering for a 4-H Event

Below are detailed instructions for registering for an event in the Zsuite system.

Directions for Registering for an Event

  1. Log In to your family’s household ZSuite account at Don’t have a ZSuite account already? Start one using the “SIGN UP” button. See details on how to create one here.
  2. On the “Choose Profile” screen you’ll want to click the “Choose Profile” button on the first profile on the left (it should have a pink background and the words “Primary” under the name). You may be asked for your account pin before you can move to the next screen. On the profile screen, you can also check to be sure you have created a profile for the person you want to register for the event. If you don’t already have one for that person, you’ll need to create one following these directions.
  3. From your family’s dashboard, select the “Events” menu item.
  4. From the events page, find the event you are looking to register someone for. You can scroll through events, or use the search button or filters at the top of the page to help you find an event faster. Once you’ve found the event, click on the pink “Register Now” button.
  5. On the next screen you’ll be asked to select the youth or adult you want to register for the event. You’ll select the person by clicking the blue “REGISTER” button next to their name. If a name is not appearing, that means you haven’t created a member profile for them, or they don’t qualify for the event. If they don’t have a profile you’ll need to add one for them from your “Dashboard” before you can register them (more details here). You’ll get an error message if you have no family members eligible to enroll in the event, or don’t have any family member enrollments.
  6. Once you hit register, proceed through the required registration screens, filling in any required fields. For overnight or high-risk events, you may be asked to fill out medical or other forms.
  7. Once you’ve completed your registration info, you’ll have the option to “Save & Register for Another Participant” or “SUBMIT REGISTRATION”. If you want to register more than one family member choose “Save & Register for Another Participant”. Otherwise Submit the Registration.
  8. If the event has a fee, you will be taken to a payment screen once you submit the registration. On that screen, you can elect to pay by credit card at the time of registration, or use the “Submit and Pay Later/In-Person” option to pay via check or cash. If you choose to pay later, make sure you follow any directions on how to make that payment. Your registration will not be final until payment has been made.
  9. Once you’ve registered you’ll be taken back to the event page and see a “View Registration” button next to the name of the people who were registered. Folks that have elected to pay later will be labeled as “Pending Payment”. On this screen, you can pay via credit card later using the “Checkout” button.