Illinois 4-H is proud of the rich history of 4-H and our 4-H alumni near and far.  If you were a member of the Illinois 4-H program, you are one of 25 million Americans who share a unique bond. Illinois 4-H is seeking to create a lifelong connection to our 4-H alumni through a free membership in the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association.  The Illinois 4-H Alumni Association was established in 2016 and is building a network of 4-H alumni throughout Illinois and beyond.  Join us today!

Mission of IL 4-H Alumni Association

The mission of the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association is to create a lifelong, statewide community of 4-H alumni and provide increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase awareness, pride, participation, volunteerism, and philanthropic commitment to Illinois 4-H.

Join the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association

4-H alumni can register below to keep up to date on Illinois  4-H, learn about 4-H alumni opportunities to engage as volunteers or through networking opportunities and receive a quarterly newsletter.

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What will membership bring you?

1.  A Professional Network
As a 4-H Alumni, you can connect to 4-H alums across the state, regionally, across the country, or internationally.  You share a common bond as one of 25 million alumni that were members of 4-H.

2.  Communication from the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association
The Illinois 4-H Alumni Association has established a quarterly e-newsletter and 4-H alumni social media communications to share current information about the Illinois 4-H program and share engagement opportunities.

3. Opportunities to share your expertise
4-H alumni are encouraged to get involved with a local 4-H program as a volunteer, serve in a leadership role, or share your knowledge through project work. The opportunities are endless to continue to make an impact on the Illinois 4-H program.

4. Opportunities to connect in your community
Did you recently move to a new area? Did you recently graduate and are looking to make local connections? Are you looking for opportunities to be an engaged member of your community? Illinois Extension & 4-H are active throughout Illinois. You can connect to a county extension office to get involved, share your expertise, volunteer, and build relationships with community members and leaders.

5. Networking
As a member of the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association, you are encouraged to participate in statewide 4-H alumni events and programs. The alumni association brings alumni together to reconnect with former Illinois 4-H members and other alumni while making social connections that could lead to lasting friendships.

6.  Giving Back
4-H alumni often want to stay connected to the Illinois 4-H program and help future generations of alumni have the same opportunities and positive experiences they did. Gifts to the Illinois 4-H Foundation can provide a great way to keep the program’s legacy going and ensure that future generations of students have positive youth experiences in 4-H.

According to a National 4-H Alumni Study, 4-H Alumni say their 4-H experience impacted their life in the following ways:


Being A Good Citizen


Creating Confidence


Leadership Skills


Civic Engagement