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Our 4-H Impact in 2021


Organizations lack leaders skilled in strategic planning, change management, idea sharing, listening, and emotional intelligence. This skill and knowledge gap impacts all industries.


For many 4-H members, the leadership path starts in their local club, and youth gain speed in their leadership journey after attending one of the many Illinois 4-H camps and conferences. The conferences are diverse in their training and appeal. The fundamental 4-H ideal of “learn by doing” encourages youth to experiment, innovate, and think independently.


Illinois 4-H improves youth life skills, such as communicating, decision making, and goal setting.

"Since we are the future, we want to share knowledge, ideas and experiences while helping others grow."

~Carina Engst, McLean County Youth Leadership Team Member

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Girls build tower of toothpicks and marshmallows
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Junior leadership Conference

75 participants from across Illinois

4-H teen leaders make a difference today while preparing critical skills for tomorrow.

  • 4-H Teens are confident in their leadership skills
  • motivated to lead because of the 4-H experience
  • team players comfortable working with teens or adults in group settings


felt like the conference gave them the chance to explore something they care about.


felt motivated to impact and influence others because of the conference.