In 4-H, members learn about topics that interest them. These are referred to as members “projects.” That could be anything from learning how to cook, build a robot, or care for the environment. One of the most important aspects of 4-H project work is that the 4-H member decides what they want to learn and do as they explore their project. This allows the project to be self-paced, and gives children important skills in setting and working toward their goals.

4-H makes learning fun! A variety of projects are offered through 4-H so members can pick the ones that most interest them. Or they can find other young people with the same interest and study that topic with the help of a volunteer that shares the same interests. 4-H projects help members to learn by doing. Projects offer hands-on ways to learn about a topic of interest.

Some projects have several levels. As members master the work at a beginning level, they are encouraged to advance to higher levels. Our Project Selection guide is available for view below and click for our Resource & Curriculum Guide.

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Civic Engagement

Be empowered and actively engaged in your community and world around you.

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Have you ever wondered about the many cultural differences in the world? Study a country’s government, agriculture, housing, and industry while you explore cultures through food, clothing, music, and crafts.

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Family Heritage

Discover your family history as you go on a treasure hunt for information. The records you create will last a lifetime.

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We're part of a great big world. Explore new cultures from anywhere you choose.

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