The Illinois State 4-H Livestock Team consists of youth members to serve Illinois 4-H by informing people about the importance of livestock production and 4-H opportunities. The goal of the State Livestock Ambassador team is to further develop the teams leadership skills by having them act as roles models that advocate for the livestock industry as well as the State 4-H program. They accomplish this by planning, implementing, teaching, and evaluating events for other younger 4-H members that reflect their own ideas. 

As an Illinois 4-H Livestock Ambassador you will develop leadership skills and share your passion for livestock on a state level through planning and assisting with State 4-H livestock events.

LAT activities include:

  1. Statewide Junior Livestock Conferences
  2. Regional Livestock Clinics
  3. Livestock Skillathons 
  4. Assisting with State 4-H Livestock Events
  5. Advocating for the livestock industry
  6. Serving on Agricultural youth boards (YEA, Junior Association, State Fair)
  7. Involvement State Fair activities (Commodity Carnival, Governors Auction, Ag Day, Tours, etc.)


Members serve on two year terms and members can serve a maximum of two, 2 year terms if age allows. Team members must be active participants in at least 2 statewide events or represent 4-H on a statewide committee and the Livestock Ambassador Conference each year. Team members must attend at least 75% of both face-to-face meetings and events and 75% of the scheduled teleconferences each year of their term. Team members are required to make quarterly reports to Extension staff in their assigned counties. To apply you must be an enrolled 4-H member  or 4-H alumni 16-21 years of age. 


As a Youth Leadership Team member, teens receive training in leadership development, team-building, public presentations and more. “Active” participation includes playing a role of some sort, planning, writing curriculum, teaching, assisting with set-up/tear-down, etc.; not just attendance at the event. Examples of statewide events/committees include; Legislative Connection, IFB Youth Education Committee, State Fair Advisory Board, State Judging contests, Farm Focus, State Fair Auction. etc. Some committees meet year-round; others require only a couple of teleconferences and the event.