Feelings can be confusing!  Your Feelings Matter allows youth to explore what emotions are, how to express them, and how to react to them in a positive way. 



For Teachers

Collaborating with Illinois 4-H is an extraordinary partnership that seamlessly weaves together experiential learning, positive youth development, and research-based programming. This partnership introduces you to a realm where learning standards spring to life, and students are equipped with skills that extend far beyond the classroom.  Our programs provide the resources to cultivate an environment where students flourish. For in-depth program details and training inquiries, we're here to assist you.

Key Concepts

  • Healthy Living

For Youth Grades Youth in Grades 3 - 6

Your Feelings Matter utilizes the Essential Elements of Youth Development to develop tools and techniques to help with any emotional situation.

 The Curriculum is divided into two focus areas:

Connect With Your Emotions

  • Lesson 1:    Name It
  • Lesson 2:  Learn your Temperament
  • Lesson 3:  Understand Your Reactions
  • Lesson 4:  Use Your Words

Support Your Emotions

  • Lesson 5:  When Feelings Get Hurt
  • Lesson 6:  Calm Your Mind and Body
  • Lesson 7:  Resilience Scavenger Hunt




The curriculum can be implemented in a variety of program settings, such as after-school programs, clubs, camps, and community-based sites. There are 7 lessons lasting 45 minutes each and can be modified as needed to accommodate schedule needs.