Youth discover the world of robotics as youth learn to build and program robots to accomplish various tasks. Participate in optional competition opportunities.

For Teachers

 2023 Illinois 4-H State/County Fair Robotics II Guidelines can be found in the document below:

2023 Illinois 4-H State/County Fair Robotics II Guidelines: HydroBot 

Key Concepts

  • Communication
  • Physical Science
  • Technology & Engineering

For Youth Grades 8–18

  • Increase youth interest in STEM related fields 
  • Increase knowledge, skills and abilities related to Robotics and Computer Science
  • Increase youth confidence in STEM related abilities
  • Increase youth self-exploration into the fields of Robotics and Computer Science

Minimum of 6 sessions for youth which focus on topics such as the engineering design process, Block based or python based coding , general robotics principles.

UIUC College of Engineering

Illini Summer Academies

College Of ACES

Community Organizations including other youth serving organizations; schools; libraries;  for new volunteers and local community centers