A collaboration with the Illinois Farm Bureau, ILAITC is a collection of a wide variety of activities for in-school and after-school programs focused on promoting ag literacy and a strong understanding of where our food comes from and the people and systems that are essential for agricultural systems to function. This kit will include a set of recommended standards-aligned activities that have been utilized by 4-H staff in Illinois. Delivery to youth can be conducted by 4-H staff/volunteers with the assistance of Teen Teachers.

For Teachers
Supported Curricular Resources –
  • IL AITC: Ag in the Classroom Extension Page
    • Illinois Ag in the Classroom is a statewide Ag Literacy program that provides educators and students with resources to help them understand the vital role of agriculture in their lives. It is a collection of lessons and other educational resources that you can choose from in order to best fit the needs of the classroom and students you are working with.
    • Illinois 4-H has put together additional resources to accompany several lessons as developed by Myla Munro, 4-H Educator in Unit 13. To gain access to these slides, please write Mark Becker (mbbecker@illinois.edu) to be added to the project on Canva.

Funding is available in partnership with the Illinois Ag in the Classroom program directly. Applications are due October 20, 2023. You can view their funding opportunities at their Teacher Grants webpage:

Key Concepts

  • Agriculture
  • Animals
  • Biological Science
  • Communication
  • Embryology
  • Environment
  • Food Advocacy
  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Healthy Living
  • Leadership
  • Local Foods
  • Plant Science
  • Poultry
  • Technology & Engineering

For Youth Grades 3-8; In School and After School Programs

  • Learn about plant science basics while increasing an appreciation of Illinois agriculture
  • Engage high school students in the process of leading and teaching activities to younger audiences
  • Promote an understanding of basic conservation principles and how they relate to food production
  • Expose young people to new and nutritious food choices
  • Strengthen their understanding of where their food comes from through hands-on learning

Many 4-H staff who work with this program will engage older audiences (high school) through the Teen-Teacher model by which the high schoolers have an opportunity to gain leadership, communication, and classroom management skills by teaching IL-AITC lessons to younger audiences. Please indicate if you plan to pursue this in your registration so we can get you connected with a cohort of other 4-H staff taking this approach.

  • Horticulture, Small Farms/Local Foods Educators and SNAP-Ed Educators
  • Community and civic organizations
  • In-School and After-School programs
  • IL Farm Bureau
  • AITC Coordinators