Hands-on community service, conservation, and environmental education are key components the 4-H Green Communities Tree Program. Illinois 4-H is partnering with the Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts Forestry Committee to address the decline of native oak savannas by providing 25 oak seedlings (in containers) to Illinois counties! 

Did you know that Illinois once held 14 million acres of trees, but that number has dropped to 5 million due to modern development practices? Illinois 4-H has partnered with Illinois Soil and Water Conservation Districts to help turn the tide by planting 1,075 oak trees in 43  counties across Illinois this
spring and we need YOUR help! Contact your local Extension office to find out if your county is participating or support the program by heading to our crowdfunding page.

Give 4-H youth the ability to plant these fire-resistant, native oak species in public spaces where the community can enjoy the benefits. These 25-tree savannas will help rebuild our native ecosystems, .75 acre at a time.

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4-H Youth Development Extension Specialist, Shooting Sports, Environmental Education
Curt Sinclair