Held annually, members compete in an academic-like quiz bowl while they demonstrate their knowledge of the dairy industry. 4-H members do not need to be a dairy project member to be eligible. The top winners represent Illinois in national competition. More information on the 2024 Quiz Bowl will be posted as it is released. 

State Contest Eligibility

  1. All 4-H members age 8 to 18 are eligible to participate.  All contestants must be current 4-H members. Contestants are not required to be enrolled in a dairy project.
  2. Each Extension county or multi-county group may enter an unlimited number of four-member teams or individual members (they will be grouped to form teams).  Junior team ages are 14 and under; senior age division are 15 and over (by January 1 of current year). 
  3. Study reference sources include the Illinois 4-H dairy manuals plus Hoard's Dairyman Reference Books, IL Extension Livestock E-Quiz website, Holstein Foundation website, and Virginia 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl study materials online.

If you need reasonable accommodation to participate, please contact the event coordinator.  Early requests are strongly encouraged to allow sufficient time to meet your needs.

Contact person: Derek Nolan dtnolan@illinois.edu

Dairy Quiz Bowl

You don’t need a cow. You don’t need to like milk (though you should REALLY like milk). You don’t need to be taking a dairy project. All you need to compete in the State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest is a desire to do it. (You would probably do better if you study, too.) Stay tuned for the next State contest!

Teams of four may compete, or individuals can be added to other groups to form a team.  The State 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl team will be selected from the eligible 4-H members participating at this state contest. Youth 15 to 18 are eligible for the national team. For information, contact Derek Nolan at dtnolan@illinois.edu


National Contest Eligibility Contestants must be a current 4-H club member and be 15 years of age and older during the current contest year but not pass the year they reach their 19th birthday to be eligible to compete at Louisville, Kentucky (national contest). Contestants may attend college beyond high school. However, a member who is enrolled in Animal Science courses prior to the fall term is not eligible.