Rams, Lamb, and Ewe….I mean you! If you have, a passion for animals that come in different shapes, size, and colors consider exploring the 4-H Sheep project. 4-H members have the opportunity to learn basic animal science principles by owning, caring for, and keeping accurate records for the flock. Also, demonstrate a knowledge of sound breeding, nutrition, and management practices. Sheep 4-H project members will learn about the meat and fiber industry as they learn their role in growing food and wool for the United States and the world.

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Exploring 4-H

Exploring 4-H Sheep Spark Activity: Breeds of Sheep

There are more than 40 breeds of sheep in the United States. A breed is a group of animals that have common ancestry. They will look similar and have similar production traits. Sheep can be large or small; and come in different colors like black, white, or red. To learn more about sheep breeds, check out the Website: www.ansi. okstate.edu/breeds.

 Can you find an example of each of the following breeds?

  1. Meat Breed
  2. Fine Wool Breed
  3. Coarse Wool Breed
  4. Hair Breed
  5. Ewe Breed
  6. Black-Faced Breed
  7. Dairy Breed
  8. Dual-Purpose Breed
4-H Project Levels and Goals
  • Nutrition, feeding, and daily care 
  • Identify breeds
  • Parts of the sheep
  • Select, care for, and train sheep
  • Show at a 4-H exhibition
  • Preparing for the show ring 
  • Vaccinate your sheep 
  • Learn breeding best practices 
  • Care for newborn lambs 
  • Understand digestive processes 
  • Read feed tags for nutritional content
  • Design a breeding program
  • Learn to dock and castrate lambs
  • Calculate feed rations
  • Organize production records
  • Manage expense records Identify quality forages Identify sheep industry issues
Put Your Project Into Action

Show Your Skills

  • Create a poster showing the costs associated with purchasing, caring for, and showing sheep
  • Develop a video demonstrating how to properly groom a sheep for show
  • Show at the county fair
  • Make an exhibit showing many vaccinations and what they prevent
  • Make a blanket or tube for your sheep
  • Make a sheep fitting stand

Service and Leadership

  • Volunteer your sheep to a petting zoo
  • Lead a sheep demonstration for students
  • Share lamb recipes at the local grocery store
  • Recruit other youth to enroll in the sheep project
  • Help plan a showmanship clinic in your county
  • Invite club members to tour your farm
  • Teach people how to properly handle sheep


  • Provide sheeps’ wool to sewers or crafters
  • Write a business plan for sheep products, from blankets to meat cuts
  • Use sheep’s milk to make and sell soap

Technology Connection

  • Robotic sheep shearing
  • Robotic milker
  • Automatic feeder
  • Barn camera-used to observe ewes in labor
  • Wool spinning and raw-wool processing

Connecting with a Mentor

  • Local Breeder
  • Veterinarian
  • Community college or college staff
  • 4-H alum
  • Agriculture Teacher

• 4-H show
• County fair
• State fair
• Jackpot shows
• Illinois Club Lamb Association Circuit

Project Manuals & Exhibit Requirements

  • LEVEL 1: Rams, Lambs, & You                 
  • LEVEL 2: Shear Delight             
  • LEVEL 3: Leading the Flock

Purchase manuals on the Shop Illinois 4-H Store

View exhibit requirements and scoresheets on the Illinois State Fair page.

boy with sheep over his shoulders
  • Breeder
  • Veterinarian
  • Agriculture Teacher
  • Animal Nutritionist
  • Meat Inspector
Start a Conversation
  • What is your favorite part about raising sheep?
  • What is your goal this project?
  • What is your favorite part of raising sheep?
  • What is most difficult about raising sheep?

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4-H Spark Sheets are a collaborative effort of 4-H staff, volunteers, alumni and teens from across Illinois. A big thanks to the many contributors and reviewers!