Learn about the exciting field of competitive electronic sports, also known as esports, in this cutting edge project area. Learn about the PC and console gaming industries, the software and hardware involved, as well as the fields of competitive and professional gaming. Be a part of the pilot group that helps take esports to the next level, and usher in a new era of 4-H projects.

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Exploring 4-H

Exploring 4-H eSports Spark Activity: eSports search

Esports allows people to play a large variety of games online with people from around the world. As time goes on, more and more kinds of games emerge and new genres of games are created. Using the provided definitions, find the highest rated game that fits under each of the listed genres. Then find two games from genres not listed here. After completing the activity, consider playing one of the games you came across in your search!

FPS (First Person Shooter) – These games are played from the first person perspective and typically involve shooting and operating various weapons to eliminate opposing players. These can be played in single player campaigns or multiplayer online battles. Game:

RTS (Real Time Strategy) - In this type of game, players are tasked with creating a base of some sort, creating an army, and eliminating the other player’s base to achieve victory. Game: Battle Royale - These types of FPS games drop 60-100 players into a battleground in which they have to locate resources to build shelter and weapons to defeat other players. Game:

RPG (Role Playing Game) - Players choose a character to play through the entire game. Typically players must go through some sort of quest through an immersive world.

Game: MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) - Similar to other RPGs, this type of game allows players to interact online with other players.

 Game: MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) - This type of game typically involves two teams with characters that have a variety of different skills. As players level up in the game, their characters gain more skills and abilities, while becoming more powerful.

Game: Additional Genre: Game: Additional Genre: Game

4-H Project Levels and Goals

4-H Project Goals

  •  Learn about the exciting field of competitive esports
  • Learn about the systems and technology that support esports games
  • Play social and competitive games with/against other club members and teams
  • Learn about careers in esports and electronic gaming
  • Learn how to practice healthy habits while gaming
Put Your Project Into Action

Show Your Skills

  • Compete in regional and statewide esports competitions either solo, or as a team
  • Compete virtually with friends and family
  • Hold exhibition shows to demonstrate your skills
  • Exhibit at you local or state fair

 Service and Leadership

  • Start an esports team at your school
  • Help organize a local esports competition
  • Create a video or public service announcement about the importance of esports in your community
  • Advocate locally for esports acceptance and awareness


  • Compete at local and statewide esports tournaments either with a team or individually • Find online esports tournaments and compete for prize money and other awards
  • Create and sell apps and other virtual games/content

 Technology Connection

  • Computer science
  • 3D modeling and rendering
  • Remote devices and technologies
  • Virtual reality
  • Information technology

 Connecting with a Mentor

  • Find local esports teams and ask to connect with them virtually or in person
  • Contact your local videogame stores for information on potential mentors and local esports teams
  • Ask if your school or local community center has a team or hosts tournaments


  • 4-H Statewide esports Tournament
  • Find online tournaments to compete in with your team on Battlefy https://battlefy.com/
  • Exhibit at your county and/or State Fair
woman at computer drawing on tablet
  • Digital Artist/Animator
  • Sound/Audio Engineer
  • Creative Content Writer
  • Software Engineer
  • Pro esports Gamer
  • Network Engineer
Start a Conversation

What are esports? Does your school or community have an esports team(s)? What careers are in esports?


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