Youth actively learn intermediate level angling skills that relate to an understanding of holistic freshwater aquatic ecosystems and fisheries management. 

Key Concepts

  • Environment

For Youth Grades 6-8, but may be easily adapted.

Youth will…

  • Learn how water moves and methods to conserve the water supplies we have
  • Explore the freshwater food chains and how water quality relates to better fish populations
  • Learn how storm-water can cause non-point source pollution in our nations waterways
  • Learn how to specifically target your fishing techniques to catch largemouth bass

Bass Fishing SPIN Clubs:    4-H Bass Fishing kits with necessary supplies are available at no charge for new or existing clubs that have at least 5 members interested in doing these activities as a club.   Contact Curt Sinclair, Illinois 4-H via email to request a kit. View the curriculum here.

Sportsman’s Challenge is a self-guided series of activities that youth learn at their own pace, then they must communicate/demonstrate to a 4-H leader or Extension staff member of their competency of these activities.    The adult leader or staff member then contacts Curt Sinclair who will keep track of 4-H members in a central database and periodically award prize incentives for individuals.

  • Extension Educators:  Environmental and Energy Stewardship
  • Community Organizations including local Soil & Water Conservation Districts; Drainage Districts; etc.