Engineer your own fun with blending the science and art of sustainable power sources.

  • Wind tract: The Power-of-Wind curriculum beginning with designing and building your own kite!
  • Solar tract: Choose from engineering solar powered cars, boats, or model houses.
For Teachers

Training for staff can be self-taught through the curriculum booklets; various websites; and/or by viewing instructional videos.

Key Concepts

  • Environment

For Youth Grades 6-8, but easily adaptable for older or younger youth.

Students will learn basics of wind formation and measurement; how the energy of wind is transferred to machines to do specific work tasks; and the aerodynamic principles of lift, drag, and the history of kites including the artistic significance of these wind powered creations!

Minimum of 6 sessions for a minimum of 10 youth which focus on wind and solar basics, and activities listed in KidWind Recharge Labs or Junior Solar Sprint.