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Hello and welcome to 4-H Robotics! Robots are everywhere in everyday life. Learn to design, build, and program robots in an exciting and hands-on project. Robots make our lives more simple. They help us grow our food. They help us build our cars. They help us do tasks. Robots do jobs which are dirty, dangerous, and disgusting, but you won't hear them complain. Once programmed, they do the work that needs to be done.

2017 Health Bot Challenge Awards Winners, Scores & Images!

This year over 450 youth from 75 teams competed in what is now the largest Illinois 4-H robotics competitions to date! Of the 75 teams, 27 went home with one of 9 awards frome each of the three competition levels. Below is a list of each winner separtated by level.

 2017 Health Bot Challenge Award List:


Best Table Performance Award- Broccoli Bots Team 2

Judge’s Award- Broccoli Bots Team 1

Team Spirit Award- Joker

Teamwork Award- The Sabretooth Mechas

Programming Award-CMS Team Inspire

Overall Robot Design Award- 4-H Scream Jr.
Most Creative Award- Catwoman

Champion Award-4-H Scream Jr.

Reserve Champion Award-High Voltage


Level 1

Best Table Performance Award- Spocklings

Judge’s Award- Androids

Team Spirit Award- Mechanical Misfits

Teamwork Award- Atomic Chimps

Programming Award- Power Surge Blast

Overall Robot Design Award- Logan and the ninjas

Most Creative Award- Power Surge Storm

Champion Award- Ulti-Mat Master Builders

Reserve Champion Award- Spirit Peoria


Level 2

Best Table Performance Award- Code One

Judge’s Award- Fox Formers Team Red

Team Spirit Award- The Squad 2.0

Teamwork Award- Error 404 Team Name Not Found?

Programming Award- Gear Heads

Overall Robot Design Award- Iron C.O.R.E

Most Creative Award- 4-H S.C.R.E.A.M Seniors

Champion Award- Iron C.O.R.E

Reserve Champion Award- # Awesome 2.0



Click on one of the following levels to download the competition scoresheet for that level. Scoresheets are ordered based on team number.

Rookie Level ScoresLevel 1 ScoresLevel 2 Scores.


Follow the link below to view team photos, and images of the competition!

2017 Health Bot Challenge Team Photos

To request individual score sheets, please email me at kjaco4@illinois.edu

Thank you all for your dedication and support, and for providing an awesome avenue for our youth to explore STEM. This year was a great year for robotics, and with your help, it will only get better!


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What can 4-H Robotics do for you?

  • Illinois 4-H members are more likely than other youth to want a job related to science and see science as exciting.
  • Illinois 4-H members know science helps solve life’s problems and can name careers related to 4-H projects.
  • Illinois 4-H members are twice as likely to say they’re “good at” science compared to their peers.
  • Overall, we see a pattern in which 4-H youth are reporting more positive attitudes toward science and stronger confidence in their science abilities than their peers, based on two national surveys.
  • Across all ages, more youth in our Illinois 4-H science sample agree that science is useful for solving everyday problems than their peers in two national surveys.

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