Award Year

Brian Moeller is a senior vice president with US Bank, Food Industries Group. Moeller received his bachelor’s degree from U of I, and was a member of Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) social fraternity. Moeller said his love for U of I can be traced back to his early 4-H memories. He attended 4-H leadership training on campus when he was 15 years old, and as a result, Moeller said Illinois was his only choice when he applied for college.


Moeller was a nine-year member of the Waterman Winners 4-H club in DeKalb County. He served as secretary and president, and was a Jr. Leader. He was also active in the DeKalb County 4-H Federation, where he served on the executive council and was the county treasurer for three years. When the Federation planned a trip for its members in 1975, Moeller found a life-long passion - skiing.

Moeller served as a board member and treasurer of the Chicago/Cook County 4-H Foundation from 1986 through 1998. During those years he worked to generate private funding from Chicago-area corporations. This funding went to support the much needed materials and sponsorship of 4-H Urban programming.

Moeller receives high praise from those who know him, both professionally and personally. A colleague who worked with him at Harris Bank said, “Brian is truly authentic. He has excitement for life, enthusiasm for work, and a real drive to assist his customers. They know he gives 110 percent to achieve the best possible result for them.” Another friend and client said, “Brian has the traits and characteristics that 4-H encourages and nurtures in a person. I have great admiration and respect for his professional strengths and personal integrity.”

Moeller said 4-H helped develop skills of leadership, public speaking and serving others, all skills he has been able to use in his life and his career. It also helped him understand the meaning of teamwork.

“In 4-H, everyone was different, with their individual projects, yet everyone was part of the club. We had individual goals and a common goal.

“‘To make the best better’ has been a theme that has rung true in every aspect of my life,” he concluded. “4-H taught me that it’s okay to take pride in your accomplishments.”