Award Year

Lynette Marshall, grew up on a fifth-generation farm in Speer, IL. She was selected as the 1981 National Pork Queen. Following her reign, Lynette began an 18-year career in fundraising for the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences (ACES) at the University of Illinois, and was later promoted to Assistant Chancellor for Development. In 2006, Marshall was named President and CEO of the University of Iowa Foundation.

Lynette was raised by parents who were dedicated to 4-H and its ideals. As a 10-year member of the Marshall County LaPrairie Ramblerettes 4-H Club, Lynette's mother was her first 4-H leader.

Lynette is a second generation participant in the International 4-H Youth Exchange Program. This program's impact on her life, and that of her family, has been profound. She grew up attending state and national IFYE conferences and continues to devote a good deal of time promoting the IFYE motto "Peace Through Understanding." Lynette's core values evolved as a result of her mother's IFYE experiences and her own contact with people from around the world working to understand how to live in harmony. Currently, Lynette and her husband are continuing their commitment to 4-H and IFYE ideals by hosting a Japanese woman for six months.

As a former Associate Dean for Advancement in the College of ACES, Lynette was instrumental in transitioning the Illinois 4-H Foundation to the College in 1994.