Vice Chairman

Kevin Carey was an 11 year 4-H member in Grundy County. He served as a representative and chairman of the Illinois State 4-H Youth Leadership Team and a Speaking for Illinois 4-H trainer. Kevin is a local volunteer in his home county, Grundy, where he serves on his county fair board. While being a 4-H member, Kevin had the chance to hold offices on the club, local, and state level, which allowed him to explore leadership development to its fullest potential. Currently, Kevin serves as the Assistant Director of Student Life at Ball State University, primarily working with the Greek community. Kevin completed his Bachelor of Arts in English at Illinois Wesleyan University and his Master of Arts in Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education at Ball State University. In his free time, Kevin enjoys writing and researching, serving as a volunteer for his fraternity, and exploring the Indianapolis and Muncie, Indiana area.