"4-H taught me life skills like public speaking, taking constructive criticism, self directed learning and how to use parliamentary procedure."

Years in 4-H

B.S. '81 Ag Science, Western Illinois University; M.E. '92 Agronomy, University of Illinois


Interim Assistant Dean, Ag & Natural Resources, University of Illinois Extension

Favorite 4-H Projects:  Crops, Entomology, Electricity, Model Rocketry

How did 4-H contribute to your leadership skills today?

Serving as a club officer, federation delegate and attending leadership camp helped me grow as a leader. The biggest contribution was probably serving as an IFYE delegate to Poland in 1977, which took me out of my comfort zone and instilled a global perspective.

Did 4-H instill a career path for you?

My 4-H projects all played a part in my career path. One of my main focus areas in extension agricultural education has been protecting crops from pests. Recently my interest in technology led me to the use of drones in crop production.

What advice do you have for someone who is interested in your career path?

Learn biology, technology and communication. The top people in the future of agriculture must be able to integrate all of these skills.

What advice would you give a current 4-H member?

Participate and take advantage of the opportunities to expand your horizons.

Why should young people join 4-H today?

4-H provides a venue to explore your interests while learning communication skills and developing leadership traits.