"4-H increases a young person's awareness of the world around them in so many ways."

Years in 4-H

B.S. '73 Home Economics, University of Illinois


Retired, Data & Engagement Specialist, Child Resource & Referral Network (CCRRN)

Favorite 4-H Projects:  Clothing Construction, Foods - Yeast Breads

How did 4-H contribute to your leadership skills today?

Being able to multi-task as a working Mom, caregiver to parents, wife and community volunteer certainly was enhanced by the organizational and leadership skills learned in 4-H.

Did 4-H instill a career path for you?

My Dad was a 4-H Extension staff member for a few years. His experience and my 4-H experience resulted in my Extension work experience for several years in McLean County. To this day I still volunteer for 4-H. My Extension experience with Margaret Esposito in McLean County Extension resulted in my spin-off career, helping support the need for the CCRRN (Child Care Resource and Referral Network) in the Illinois counties of McLean, Livingston, Ford and Dewitt.

What advice do you have for someone who is interested in your career path?

Quality child care is such an essential important need for so many families. "Quality" is the key. There is a tremendous need early childhood providers and a pathway to grow in the field. For me I loved my involvement as a statistician tracking supply and demand. And I loved the opportunity to share early childhood education resulting in communication between parents and child care providers and resulting in quality care for children.

What advice would you give a current 4-H member?

Be open to the opportunities to learn as an individual and part of a group/club. Communication skills learned through 4-H enhance and compliment those experienced in your family, school, church, sports, other groups, etc.

Why should young people join 4-H today?

It's a great way to expand your horizon as you grow and mature. Whether you are active in quite a few activities or not very active, 4-H is a unique organization where you can learn individual skills, plus have fun sharing the skills with friends you make for life in the informal setting of your club or county level and beyond. Summer camps, fairs, tours, and club get togethers are just a few fun ways to spend time with other 4-H friends.