2 girls flying a drone

Our 4-H Impact


A vital STEM workforce is needed to drive innovation in today’s global world. Workers lack skills in problem solving, design, programming, scientific inquiry, investigation, independent thinking, and teamwork.


Illinois 4-H is empowering youth to be the inventors, makers, scientists, and engineers needed for an ever-growing STEM world.


4-H youth use science and technology to solve problems and incorporate what they learn from 4-H STEM projects in their everyday life. Youth work cooperatively to innovate, build, solve problems, and imagine new possibilities for the world.

"I love seeing them learning and building skills with drones and saying 'I did it!'"

-Michelle Wang, Jackson County Youth Leadership Team member

kids at robotics camp

Youth in 4-H have hands-on learning opportunities with emerging technologies, such as drones and robotics.

girls playing video game

They are encouraged to look at applications across diverse work sectors, including agriculture, food access, food security, and health.