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Innovation. Creativity. Entrepreneurship.

4-H is taking emerging technologies by storm. We've added new projects which will spark the imagination of builders, makers, and tinkerers of all ages. Check out what's new. Resources are still being developed, so if you don't see what you're looking for, check back to the page later.


3-D Printing & Design

We're creating a whole resource library of ideas to guide your journey into 3D Printing & Design using open and closed sourced technologies. 

  • What are 3D printing and design?
  • What is a 3D printer and How does it work?
  • How to work and design in CAD software
  • What is G-Code and how it is used to control a 3D printer

Click Here to be directed to the 3D Printing & Design Resource Page. For information on this topic area, please contact Keith Jacobs at kjaco4@illinois.edu


See the world through the eyes of an unmanned aerial vehicles and systems ( UAV/ UAS)... or better known as DRONES. In addition to these topics, a number of advanced UAV/drone resources (including how to build one) will be listed for those wanting an even deeper look into this new and exciting field.  

  • What is a Drone?
  • How does a Drone work?
  • Aerospace fundamentals and principles
  • FAA Regulations
  • Basics of UAV operation

Click Here to be directed to the Drones Resource Page. Check back soon for a link to your online resources. For information on this topic area, please contact Keith Jacobs at kjaco4@illinois.edu

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