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What can 4-H Robotics do for you?

  • Illinois 4-H members are more likely than other youth to want a job related to science and see science as exciting.
  • Illinois 4-H members know science helps solve life’s problems and can name careers related to 4-H projects.
  • Illinois 4-H members are twice as likely to say they’re “good at” science compared to their peers.
  • Overall, we see a pattern in which 4-H youth are reporting more positive attitudes toward science and stronger confidence in their science abilities than their peers, based on two national surveys.
  • Across all ages, more youth in our Illinois 4-H science sample agree that science is useful for solving everyday problems than their peers in two national surveys.

TRY IF YOU LIKE: Robotics, Engineering, Problem Solving, Teamwork

If you are interested in building robots competitively with a team then check out our 2020 Robotics Competition and the Rules and Guidelines.