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You love 4-H. We need you to help tell that story to the public. 4-H members received advanced training in public speaking at Speaking for Illinois 4-H trainings held throughout the state. That training prepares you to meet with county and state elected officials, potential donors, civic groups, and new volunteers. You'll also be the state 4-H programs voice at state legislative events, such as 4-H Legislative Connection where 4-H members visit state legislators to tell their 4-H stories and educate the legislators about the benefits of 4-H and University of Illinois Extension.

Your training is a joint youth/adult partnership including members of the Illinois State 4-H Youth Leadership Team and Extension adults and volunteers with expertise in government, speaking, and 4-H. Members need to be at least 14 to participate. Trainings are generally offered three times a year. You'll learn how to adapt your 4-H story to specific audiences, including elected officials and potential donors. It also helps you improve your business etiquette skills, while you learn to understand and tell the local and state 4-H story. Finally, all members receive concentrated training in positive youth development's core beliefs, that 4-H promotes a sense of belonging for all members while fostering independence, generosity, and mastery of necessary skills for living.

Teens are required to attend a one-day training to be included on the Speaking for Illinois 4-H state roster. In order to remain on the roster, you must attend an update “training” via teleconference each spring. You won't be sitting in your chairs all day during this training. It's all hands-on and interactive for the entire six hours. Once you return home, you'll work with your local ExtensiBs  for more information and to register. 

  • The next training opportunity will be January 15, 2022! Watch the 4-H Speaking for Illinois 4-H page and the 4-H Events page for registration information.
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