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Make a difference today and prepare critical skills for tomorrow. 4-H knows that youth are an important resource in our communities. 4-H doesn’t teach you to be leaders someday in the future; 4-H places you in meaningful leadership roles today and surrounds you with caring, supportive adults. 4-H sets teens up for success, but we also know that one size doesn't fit all. So, we've created six different teen leadership roles. You pick the role that fits you best! Do it and don't bother with the other parts of leadership which just aren't you!

Be a Teen Leader in Your Club

All 4-H Clubs create opportunities to develop and use leadership skills. In some clubs, members will elect officers such as President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. Other clubs might have chairs of sub-committees, such as a design team and programming team in a Robotics Special Interest Club. Additional examples include opportunities for youth to mentor other members, plan events, conduct fundraisers, manage money, use parliamentary procedure to make decisions, and many other leadership skills.

Be a Teen Leader in Your County

Each county offers a variety of opportunities for 4-H members to get involved beyond their club. Talk to your local 4-H staff to find out what you could do, such as serve on advisory councils, plan county, 4-H events, serve as mentors, help promote 4-H or teach 4-H programs ... depending on the teen leadership role that fits you best!

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