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The 4-H Food Challenge lets you be the author of your own cookbook. Once you learn the basics, you'll experiment each session creating your own recipes from a sack of mystery ingredients. Take your learning to a new level in friendly competition with other teams of chefs who have the same ingredients as you. 

Sure, you'll learn the basics of food preparation, but oh so much more. Focus on nutrition as you explore new ways to prepare your favorite recipes. Consider the cost of each recipe. Think about how long your recipe will take to prepare. Always keep safety in mind as you learn how to keep a clean and sanitary kitchen. Once the clock starts, you'll have a set amount of time to prepare your recipe. Then, add some punch to your public speaking skills as you present your finished product to a panel of judges.

Of course, you get to eat what you make! Click "Request Program" to see if there is a 4-H Food Challenge near you.

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