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Welcome to the Real World is a two-part program where middle and high school youth try their hands at making tough choices such as what career to pursue, what car to buy, where to live and how to pay their bills based on the life decisions they've made.

Do students or youth in your programs need assistance with financial literacy? Would you like to utilize a fun, educational curriculum to teach young people about careers and money management?Welcome to the Real World! is designed to help junior high and senior high youth learn more about life on their own after high school.

The Welcome to the Real World! program gives you:

  • Hands-on activities that are thought-provoking and engaging.
  • Materials written at a reading level youth can understand.
  • A program that's ready to go - all materials are on the CD.
  • Re-usable and reproducible materials.

The curriculum can be adapted for use in a three-hour special activity or in a 3, 6, or 9 session classroom format. The career and money management fact sheets and activities help to expand upon the knowledge gained through the simulation.

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