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Ready4Life Challenge clubs are created to help middle and high school students and their families gain the skills and knowledge needed to achieve success through high school graduation, pursuit of of post-secondary education, and sustained employment.

Ready4Life is about succeeding in school:

  • Skills to make the grade
  • Choices to finish strong
  • Engaging to stay focused

Ready4Life is about preparing for college:

  • Finding ways to pay for college
  • Choosing a major
  • Building a strong portfolio

Ready4Life is about making living:

  • Positioning yourself to get the job you want
  • Working smart to excel at work
  • Turning a 4-H project or passion into a business
  • Finding an internship or apprenticeship¬†

Stay connected with the Ready4Life challenge:

  • Take the Ready4Life Challenge and share your experiences=
  • Signup for weekly motivation via our Ready4Life text coach.
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