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When you hear welding, you may think about farm equipment or industrial factory work. Welding can also bring personal satisfaction as you create art, utilities and items which make your life better. Industrial items created should be entered in the Welding Exhibit Class. Artistic items created should be entered in the Visual Arts Metal Class. Be sure to ask your 4-H staff if you have questions which class your item should be entered.

Arcs and Sparks  (Shielded Metal Arc Welding)

Publication # 4-H 573 (2007)

Suggested for Grades 7+

Members can:

  • identify welding equipment
  • learn about electrodes
  • learn basic arc welding skills
  • demonstrate appropriate welding skills by making at least two weldments

State Fair Exhibit Rules

Each county may submit 2 entries total from 50353, 50354; and 1 entry from 50355.  The size of exhibits larger than 3’ x 3’ should be noted on the online electronic entry form.

50353    Welding

This exhibit class is open to members who are in the 7th grade and higher. Exhibit one Arc weldment/item demonstrating the skill level of the exhibitor. Members new to the project should consider selecting a weldment from the suggested Weldment List found on page 43 of Arcs and Sparks (4-H 573 – Shielded Metal Arc Welding). This class is for industrial welding only. (Members that wish to use welding to create objects with an artistic appeal should consider enrolling in the 4-H Visual Arts project and consider entering those types of exhibits in the Visual Arts – Metal class.) Exhibits must be portable and cannot be exhibited on a trailer.

50354    Welding Clover Challenge

Open to 15- to 18-year-olds enrolled in the Welding Clover Challenge Project who have completed previous Welding projects.

Exhibits in this category should go “above and beyond” what the 4-H project books cover and should represent an accumulation of years of project study. The exhibit may include, but isn’t limited to, original works, objects, demonstrations, digital presentations, programs, websites, games, apps, performances, or posters which you have made. Choose whatever method best shows what you’ve learned. You must furnish any equipment you need for your exhibit. Internet service will not be provided for the exhibit. All exhibits must include something visual, such as a printed copy of a digital presentation, which will remain on display during the exhibition. Electronic equipment will only be used during your personal judging time and will not remain on display during the entire exhibit period. The completed Illinois 4-H Clover Challenge Agreement must be presented with the exhibit.

50355    Welding Ready4Life Challenge

Open to 11- to 18-year-olds enrolled in any Welding project

Exhibits in this category must include the following: a) a physical representation of the career or business product such as a model, prototype or display/portfolio that includes images of accomplished work; b) verbal or written explanations that demonstrate knowledge of the related career or business fields, potential careers, and the appropriate requirements for achievement in those fields. The judging criteria for this class values thoroughness of career and/or business exploration and pursuit above the workmanship of the physical specimen on display.