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If you love being outdoors, you’ll love the shooting sports project! This project covers firearm safety and teaches responsible handling and use. Get ready because this project is hands on. Pick one or all of the disciplines 4-H offers: archery, shotgun, rifle, pistol, and hunting and outdoor skills. What makes our program different? 4-H Shooting Sports Clubs are founded on the principles of Positive Youth Development ... and that means our goal is on the youth first to ensure they feel welcome in our program, they grow in leadership independence, they are inspired to be generous in service to others, as they master skills in the shooting project. Don't get us wrong; the skills of shooting matter, it's just, the young person matters more.All youth wishing to take a shooting sports project must be enrolled in a 4-H club under the supervision of a certified shooting sports instructor. Youth may not enroll independently without supervision from an Illinois 4-H certified instructor.

Not all counties offer Shooting Sports clubs. To find out about Shooting Sports clubs in your area, contact your local Extension Office.

For Illinois State Fair exhibitor information, please visit our State Fair page.

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