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Beta-Testing has begun for our pilot curriculum on e-sports! Thirty-five youth ages 12-18 joined our first Virtual e-Sports Club meeting.  The initial curriculum focuses on teamwork, communication, strategy, visual/spatial skills, and sportsmanship.  Check out the pilot program here.

A few guiding points/background for this pilot curriculum:

1) Esports is a form of sports primarily facilitated through electronic systems in which theinteractions between players and teams are enabled through human-computercommunication. eSports includes many video game genres as well as card games.

2 ) Studies have shown that esports provides many of the same benefits of other sports, minus the physical exertion. Those benefits include teamwork, communication, strategy, visual-spatial skills, and sportsmanship. (Granic, Lobel & Engels, 2014)

3) University of Illinois Extension 4-H will follow the ESRB rating system when selecting video to play with 4-H convened and hosted activities.

4) 4-H volunteers and staff leading e-sports clubs and events are required to follow ESRB ratings in selecting video games that match the ages of the participating 4-H members. Under no circumstances will video games with a Mature (M) rating be allowed during 4-H clubmeetings or other 4-H hosted events.

5) In making decisions about what games their kids can play at home, parents may find value in the following resources:

eSport competitions can be a career and/or a pathway to college. See what the UniversityofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign Esports team is up to at: https://esports.illinois.edu/

We’re excited to report back with more information as this curriculum evolves! For more information, contact Keith Jacobs at kjaco4@illinois.edu or Eric Li at el2@illinois.edu


State Fair Exhibit Rules

Each county may submit 3 entries from 50430.

All exhibitors must complete all activities in the Illinois 4-H eSports Pilot Curriculum.


esports (sf 50430)

Compete in at least 1 ranked tournament online or in person (either as a team or solo), and fully document your progress throughout. Any game with a documentable bracket system, at least 3 rounds, and a prize count. Be sure to include a description of the tournament, your match information, your win-loss record, and a description of the game and platform being used to play the game (Ram requirements/capabilities of your machine, video card specs., etc). Prepare a PowerPoint presentation describing your journey through eSports (including your 1 mandatory tournament), what you have learned about gaming/eSports, and why you think more youth should be involved. Also include a detailed description of your most important win, explaining your strategy in that victory. Be sure to include screenshots and video, if possible. Load your presentation to a USB drive, and be sure to add narration if uploading for virtual exhibition.