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Effective communication drives all aspects of day-to-day life. You’ll learn how we communicate, learn different modes of communications, and strengthen your own communication skills. Learn active listening, conflict resolution, social media, and digital storytelling among other skills.

Project Levels

Communications 1

In level 1, learn about active learning, communication preferences, aggressive communication, visual aids, making introductions, and letter writing.

Communications 2

In level 2, learn about conflict resolution, communicating in social media, understanding cultural differences, writing press releases and speeches, and working in communication careers.

Communications 3

In level 3, learn about electronic communication, evaluate advertisements, write resumes and cover letters, and become a digital storyteller.

Creative Writing

Find the writer in you! Find inspiration for writing, develop a theme, create a plot using SWBS, and develop main characters.


Learn about the different types of news, explore careers in journalism, gather news and write different kinds of news stories, and compare the difference between opinion pieces, photo journalism, and news stories.

Public Presentations

Youth learn to speak with confidence. The introductory manual is intended for youth with little or no public speaking experience. More advanced speakers may wish to download the advanced guides.

Resources to help you learn

  • Communications Module 1
  • Communications Module 2
  • Communications Module 3
  • The Writer in You 
  • Journalism
  • Finding Your Voice: Public Speaking Made Easy
  • Advanced speaking guides are listed in the resources below including: 
    • Demonstrations
    • Extempore Speaking
    • Formal Speech
    • Illustrated Speech
    • Master of Ceremonies
    • Oral Interpretation
    • Original Works

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