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4-H citizenship programs empower young people to be well-informed citizens who are actively engaged in their communities and the world. Youth learn about civic affairs, build decision-making skills and develop a sense of understanding and confidence in relating and connecting to other people. These life skills help grow 4-H youth into true leaders. There are project options for members in grade 3 -12. Our citizenship programs engage youth in programs, organizations, and communities where they share a voice, influence, and decision-making authority. 4-H citizenship programs equip young people with confidence and leadership skills to be leaders today and tomorrow.

4-H members contribute hundreds of thousands of hours back to their community every year. Service is a hallmark of all 4-H programs, teaching youth about the importance of giving back, improving our communities and developing innovative solutions to solve problems, large or small. 4-H members learn skills such as teamwork, critical thinking, community engagement and build a sense of compassion. confidence and pride.

State Fair Exhibit Rules

Each county may submit 2 entries total from 50145, 50146, 50147, 50148; and 1 entry from 50149.


50145    Citizenship 1

Exhibit a display illustrating one of the following options: 1) personal information about yourself – who you are, things you like to do, things you are good at, your favorites; 2) your feelings and how you handle these feelings; 3) your family, their responsibilities, how you work together; OR 4) the Family Pedigree that may include family group pages.

50146    Citizenship 2

Exhibit a display illustrating one of the following options: 1) your neighborhood; 2) how you were a good neighbor or led a service project for your community; OR 3) a Citizenship Challenge that you helped organize and lead (see the project book for details). 

50147    Citizenship 3

Exhibit a display illustrating one of the activities that you completed within your project as it relates to one of the following categories in the manual: 1) Government; 2) Business and Industry; 3) Transportation, Communication & Utilities; 4) Culture & Heritage; 5) Natural Resources & Environment; 6) Education; 7) Organizations within your community; 8) Tourism; OR 9) Support Systems within your community.

50148    Citizenship Clover Challenge

Open to 15- to 18-year-olds enrolled in the Citizenship Clover Challenge project who have completed Citizenship Units 1, 2, and 3.

Exhibits in this category should go “above and beyond” what the 4-H project books cover and should represent an accumulation of years of project study. The exhibit may include, but isn’t limited to, original works, objects, demonstrations, digital presentations, programs, websites, games, apps, performances, or posters which you have made. Choose whatever method best shows what you’ve learned. You must furnish any equipment you need for your exhibit. Internet service will not be provided for the exhibit. All exhibits must include something visual, such as a printed copy of a digital presentation, which will remain on display during the exhibition. Electronic equipment will only be used during your personal judging time and will not remain on display during the entire exhibit period. The completed Illinois 4-H Clover Challenge Agreement must be presented with the exhibit.

50149    Citizenship Ready4Life Challenge

Open to 11- to 18-year-olds enrolled in any Citizenship project

Exhibits in this category must include the following: a) a physical representation of the career or business product such as a model, prototype or display/portfolio that includes images of accomplished work; b) verbal or written explanations that demonstrate knowledge of the related career or business fields, potential careers, and the appropriate requirements for achievement in those fields. The judging criteria for this class values thoroughness of career and/or business exploration and pursuit above the workmanship of the physical specimen on display.