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It’s National 4-H Week and that’s reason to celebrate. 4-H got its start in rural fields, but today it’s everywhere—from city streets and schools, to neighborhoods and universities. That’s why 4-H has stayed important for more than 100 years. It changes with me and you. Don’t worry. 4-H is still here in small towns across America and stronger than ever. Our Mission in 2018 is ADVENTURE.

Mission: Adventure –Join the Team. Change the World.

Join in the Illinois National 4-H Week Social Media Challenge – do one or ALL

  1. Post a picture of how you are changing the world thru 4-H… Use the hashtag #my4Hworld and #thats4H
  2. Post a picture of how your 4-H team (your club, your friends, your family… whoever your team is!) Use the hashtag #my4Hteam and #thats4H
  3. Post a picture of any adventure you’ve taken in 4-H (trip, project work, award… anything) … Use the hashtag #my4Hadventure and #thats4H
  4. Post a picture of you (alone or with friends) holding the 4-H Mission Adventure logo. You can download it from go.illinois.edu/n4Hw …. Use the hashtag #n4Hw17 and  #thats4H

You can

  • Post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram anytime October 1 – 7.
  • Tag @Illinois4H so we will see it
  • Make the post public if your family is okay with that!
  • Of course, we’ll have prizes! … duh, it’s 4-H! AND, we’ll share bunches on our social media channels.

Other ways you can market 4-H

  • Wear your 4-H shirt to school
  • Have the mayor sign a 4-H Proclamation available from the office
  • Ask the newspaper reporter to come to a meeting
  • Take cookies to local businesses
  • Visit the nursing home and ask residents if they were in 4-H
  • Set up a table at your school
  • Pass out invitations to your friends of your next club meeting 

Required Document

Contact for More Information:

Judy Mae Bingman
Mission Adventure Icon

Event Information

Oct 07, 2018 to Oct 13, 2018
801 N. Country Fair Dr. #E