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It’s one thing to program and build a robot; it’s another thing to do it as a team. This statewide event is an opportunity for youth enrolled in 4-H robotics to demonstrate their learning, celebrate their accomplishments, and interact with others who share an interest in robotics. Robotics clubs may compete as a team in the annual State 4-H Robotics Competition. The contest tests a club’s ability to work together creatively to solve a set of tasks. Last year, clubs designed robots which simulated the activities of a dog agility course. Teams are judged in three areas: robot design, teamwork, and table performance of the robot.

In robot design judging, the teams have 10 minutes to describe the features and design of their robots to a panel of judges. In teamwork judging, the team is given a simple task where the judges can evaluate the team’s ability to work together to solve the task. In preparing for the state 4-H robotics competition, 4-H youth learn to work together, share ideas, debate the best way to solve a particular task, and divide responsibilities so the team can accomplish as many of the challenge tasks as possible. The annual competition is held in the spring and brings more than 60 teams and 400 youth together for the one-day event.


The 2017 competition was a great success. Thanks to the nearly 500 youth and 75 teams which competed. CLICK HERE to download all the photos from the contest. Check back soon for a complete list of winners.

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Download the Updated (2/23) Contest Rules here


Participation is open to all 4-H members and participants do not need to be selected in a county competition prior to the state competition.

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State 4-H STEM Specialist
Keith Jacobs

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May 06, 2017