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2020 Regional Hippology Contest Results Announcement

All Regional Hippology Contest Results

The online 4-H Regional Hippology contest will take place on May 9th from 10AM to 2PM CT. Anyone participating must complete the testing during this time-frame. Although some 4-Hers have already been entered for the 4-H regional Hippology contests any 4-Her that wants to participant in the new online format MUST complete the opt-in form found at this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bQhWY67IQndJnwEG_EgugEff3t5mhTxq/view?u... . Participation in this online contest is open to any youth within Illinois 4-H, even those that were not registered in March for the regular regional contests. Note that the typical $5 regional Hippology contest participation fee does still apply to this online contest. Completed opt-in forms must be sent to me, at hagstrom@illinois.edu by 8 AM May 4th. Any new participants will need to be entered for the Hippology event in 4HOnline by county staff

The primary objective of the Hippology Contest is to provide in a friendly but competitive setting, an opportunity for youth enrolled in 4-H demonstrate the breadth of their knowledge and understanding of equine science, and in particular the practical application of this knowledge and skill.

Youth advance to the state competition by placing in the top of their regional contest.

The Contest

  • A.    Examination - 100 points.
    • This phase may include a written exam and slides exam.  (example topics for slide exams include:  breed, color, activity, appointments, internal and external anatomy including reproductive anatomy, etc.) The written exam is mandatory at all regional contests.  Slide exam at regionals is option.  State contest will include both written & slide exams.
  • B.    Stations - 100 points.
    • Contestants may be asked to identify tack and equipment, feed samples and other horse-related items. Contestants may be requested to demonstrate knowledge of the external anatomy of equine, skeletal anatomy, internal anatomy, disease, and the life cycles of internal parasites.  Knowledge of breeds, breed history, color, color patterns and equine activities may be tested.  Contestants will have two minutes to complete each station.(mandatory phase at both regionals & state).  Regional stations may be shown as powerpoint or in traditional hard copy format.
  • C.    Judging - 100 points.
    • Four classes will be placed.  Classes may be comprised of pictures, video recordings, models or live classes.(optional phase at regionals, mandatory phase at the state contest).
  • D.    Problem Solving – 25 points
    • Intermediate and Senior divisions presented to each contestant at the end of the stations phase. A situational question will be posed to each contestant on a one-on-one basis.  The contestant will have 3 -5 minutes total (depending on the problem) to think about and verbally respond to the question.  Evaluation will be based on the understanding of the problem, completeness of the logic used in making the oral response and general speaking skills. The official may ask questions to clarify the response. The score for intermediates are not included in placing tabulation, however if they fail to do the oral problem phase 25 points will be subtracted from their total score during tabulation resulting in a significant negative effect on their placing.  (optional phase at regionals, mandatory phase at the state contest).

Youth with an interest and knowledge in horses won’t want to miss a chance to enter the regional Horse Bowl and Horse Hippology Contests. Registration deadline is close, so contact the office if you’re interested. Junior teams include 4-H members age 8 to 13. Senior teams are 14 and older as of Jan. 1, 2020. Qualifying teams and individuals will advance to the State contests to be held April 18 in Champaign.


The contest will take place in David Kinley Hall (DKH) which has a physical address of 1407 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana.


Registration starts at 7:45 a.m. on the 1st floor of DKH. The contest starts at 8:15 but we will begin seating the contestants at 8:05.

Judging will be the first phase. Four video classes will be judges. Two performance and two halter. Immediately following the judging, will be the slides phase in the same location. Again, this year coaches/parents will NOT be allowed to watch slides but can still watch the judging classes though. Jr's will be first to complete slides. When they are done (15 slides to ID), we will pause & excuse the Jr's from the room. They will immediately go with volunteers to take the written exam. When Intermediates are done with slides (30 slides to ID), we will pause & excuse them for the written. When the Sr's are done (50 slides to ID) with their slides they will be escorted to take their exams.  As each contestant finishes the exam they are allowed to leave the written exam room. They will each be given a numbered sticker.  That number determines the order in which they should go through stations which is the next phase of testing. The first 4-Her to finish written is the first to go through stations - with the exception of those that are also doing speeches.

Following stations for Inter & Sr will be the oral problem. Please have your youth go promptly to the oral problem after stations. (The only youth that should have lag time between any of the phases are those that are doing speeches.) The oral problem judges will only be available for a specific time period. If a contestant needs to leave Hipp to do speech, when they come back have them do the oral problem first; then finish up with stations. In inter & Sr, if a youth is in the latter half of the group to finish the written, he/she should go to the oral problem first, complete that phase; then go wait their turn for stations.

There will NOT be a tutorial on how to mark judging cards at the beginning of the judging phase. Coaches must have taught their youth how to correctly mark cards prior to the contest.  

Also, make sure the youth bring writing utensils (either pens or pencils will be fine). If the youth want to take notes on the judging classes they can either take notes on the backs of the placing cards or bring in some blank paper to take notes on. However, as they will be taking the slide exam right after judging, they will not be allowed into their seats with more than a couple of sheets of BLANK paper. Also, make sure they leave cell phones with parents/coaches as they are not allowed into any testing phase with their phones.

Stations will be open to coaches & parents for review from 2 to 2:30 p.m. (assuming all contestants have completed stations at that time) on Saturday. No cell phones or other recording (audio, video, pix devices) will be allowed in the room, but coaches can walk through and take a look at what the contestants were asked to know. 

Awards will be presented at 4:45 (contingent on speech results being complete) in the room where judging & the slides exam took place.

As Hippology youth are moving through the building they need to realize that the speech contest is taking place on the 2nd floor. Unless they are competing in speech or supporting someone from their county who is competing there is no reason for any youth to be on the 2nd floor. Limiting traffic to only those involved with speech will help to maintain a quiet environment for the speech competitors to give their best possible performance.

Additionally, the noise outside of the stations rooms on the 3rd floor needs to be kept to a minimum so the youth can concentration on the stations. Furthermore, the intermediate competitors will be doing the oral problems in rooms on the 3rd floor so everyone needs to be courteous of that as well. This also goes for the speech kids who are not doing hippology as the speech practice rooms are on the 3rd floor. Coaches & parents, please help us to provide a great contest experience for everyone by helping the youth remember to contain their exuberance while in DKH.

Regional Qualifying Contests

Only youth who qualify in a regional contest may compete in the state contest. Choose your closest contest from the list below:

  • SOUTHERN REGIONAL HORSE BOWL & HIPPOLOGY: March 28 at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Contact Melissa Wilson: wilson08@illinois.edu, 618-252-8391.
  • NORTHEAST REGIONAL HORSE BOWL & HIPPOLOGY: March 28 at Emily G. Johns Intermediate School (off Rt. 34). Contact Kim Eisnaugle: keisnaug@illinois.edu
  • NORTHWEST REGIONAL HORSE BOWL & HIPPOLOGY: April 4 at Knoxville High School; Contact Shelby Carlson: srcarls2@illinois.edu, 309-342-5108.
  • CENTRAL REGIONAL HORSE BOWL & HIPPOLOGY: April 4 at Lincoln Land College, Springfield. Contact Carissa Davis: akpore@illinois.edu, 217-732-8289.


Open to 4-H Members 8 to 18 years of age as of September 1, 2019. Junior Division: (8 to 11), Intermediate Division: (12 to 14), Senior Division: (15 to 18)

Required Document

Contact for More Information:

Extension Equine Specialist
Debra Hagstrom
Extension 4-H Animal Science Specialist
Dan Jennings
Photo of Hippology winners

Event Information

May 09, 2020

Registration Deadline:

May 04, 2020