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Meeting Resources

A big part of your 4-H adventure includes working as a team where everyone has a voice in the things you do. 

Try adding some fun recreation to your meeting time--at the beginning, in the middle, or as a conclusion. Here are some resources to help you get up and move!

Use for Mayoral Proclamation
See what awards are available for 4-H Clubs
Check your officer skills
Help for Volunteeres planning club activities
Annual Requirement for Clubs with Bank Accounts
Help for Clubs working with committees
Use this agenda to guide you through your club meeting
Use this file to save your club minutes electronically
All clubs with cash activity are required to complete this book.
Help to plan your club's yearlong program
Download and complete upon re-enrollment
For All Extension Participants
Use if not enrolling online
Use if not enrolling online
Electricity Award
Club Award Application
Experience Award Application
Download and complete
Use to record National 4-H Week Ads
Use for radio PSA or social media
Help for Volunteers starting a new 4-H club
Quads Away
Large club? Use these additional attendance sheets.
Overnight Code of Conduct Spanish Version
Review these tips
Checklist for 4-H Designs
Paper copy form