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The 4-H movement supports young people from elementary school through high school with programs designed to shape future leaders and innovators. Your gift helps youth grow.

Suport Giving Tuesday

We have a holiday tradition in our home. No, it has nothing to do with putting up decorations or cooking our favorite holiday recipe. Ever since the children were old enough to understand, we always try to do one thing.


Every time we go in a store to shop, we drop something in the kettle. The thought is simple, if we have enough money for ourselves; we have enough for others. You may have a similar tradition, such as sponsoring a child or senior citizen during the holidays, or supporting other local giving opportunities.

Teaching children the importance of service is one of the things 4-H does best. The Tufts University Study of Positive Youth Development revealed that 4-H youth are four times more likely to contribute to their community than youth not involved in 4-H.

Giving Tuesday, held after we have gorged ourselves on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is that gentle reminder to give, to drop your coins in the bucket, to think of others and help as you can.

The Illinois 4-H Foundation is asking you to support a child on #GivingTuesday. Your $20 gift will provide a one-year 4-H membership for one child. A $100 gift supports five children.

We think you'll agree, 4-H is one thing every child needs.

Make your tax-deductible gift @ 4hfoundation.illinois.edu/4Hgiving/give-online.

Your $20 gift

Every $20 gift enables a 4-H youth to enroll in their Illinois 4-H club program for one year. Over 26,600 youth belong to 4-H clubs and an additional 175,000 youth participate in 4-H programs. 4-H clubs and programs engage youth in a sustained learning experience that provides the opportunity for youth to feel a sense of belonging, develop independence, practice generosity, and experience mastery.

Your $150 gift

Every $150 gift scholarships an Illinois youth to 4-H camp. Over 2,300 youth attend overnight camp each year. At camp, youth meet new friends, gain higher levels of self esteem from acomplishments, and learn an appreciation for nature.

Your $250 gift

Every $250 gift provides a 4-H Special Interest (SPIN) Club with an equipment grant. Imagine 4-Hers competing in a robotics competition thanks to a TETRIX kit purchased for their club. Future designers creating runway fashions using a sewing machine owned by their 4-H club. Avid outdoors enthusiasts, taking aim with air rifles available at their 4-H Shooting Sports Club meeting. Give a 4-H club the equipment they need to learn together.

Your $500 gift

Every $500 gift ensures that a talented 4-Her who is already the best-of-the-best in Illinois 4-H, can advance their talents in leadership, livestock judging, skillathons, or robotics to the next level. A national 4-H experience is life-changing for youth.

Your $1,000 gift

Every $1,000 gift provides 4-H staff in a University of Illinois Extension Unit with additional funds for innovative programming. Have you read about youth in your community starting a leadership program, attending a tech fest, learning about science careers at your local hospital, attending a real world simulation? 4-H is a leader in non-formal education. Influencing the lives of youth can change your community.

Your $2,000 gift

Every $2,000 gift makes YOU a Project Partner, with opportunities to put your name or company logo next to the 4-leaf clover. Special state-wide events are sponsored by Project Partners. 4-H members reaching the height of their project experience, receives stipends for being project ambassadors and sharing their expertise with younger members and their community.




How strong is your 4-H family spirit?

The Illinois 4-H Foundation welcomes nominations for the 2017 4-H Family Spirit Award. The Illinois 4-H Family Spirit Award recognizes a family with at least three generations and at least 15 different family members (including in-laws) that have either been 4-H members, leaders, or volunteers with at least 100 cumulative years of 4-H membership or volunteerism represented within the family. Selection is based on the total number of family members with 4-H connections, the total number of years of 4-H involvement, the diversity of experiences and recognitions earned by the 4-H members, and the collective impact that family members have made as advocates of their county and state 4-H programs. APPLY HERENominations are due May 1.