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4-H Alumni

4-H Memories

You're one of 25 million Americans who share a unique bond; you were a 4-H member. Each 4-H alum has their own unique story. Whether it's spending the summer at 4-H camp, conquering your fears of public speaking, leading your club as an officer, traveling the world as an exchange member, competing at the county fair, or working with your 4-H club leaders; your 4-H memories helped make you the person you are today.

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The mission of the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association is to create a lifelong, statewide community of 4-H alumni and provide increased opportunities for meaningful engagement in order to increase awareness, pride, participation, volunteerism, and philanthropic commitment to Illinois 4-H.

We each have a 4-H story!

As a 4-H alum, you will remember that first time you had to give a 4-H talk or demonstration, the first time you spoke to a judge about your project at the fair or a time a project failed and you learned from the mistake.  We each have our 4-H story and the skills we learned that helped us to develop who we are today.  We will share 4-H stories on our social media page and would love to hear your 4-H story.  

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4-H Alumni News

Do you have news to share with the Illinois 4-H Alumni Association?  Moved - New Address? Did you get a new job?  Married?  Promotion?  New Baby?  A recent death of a 4-H alum?  We would love to hear your updates and stay connected!

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There are 25 million 4-H alum across the country. Join the national association of 4-H alum. It’s easy to do. REGISTER HERE. 

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